Be Your Greatness!

Lunch will be served. For ages 10 – 14.
14 Mar, 2020
10:00am -  6:00pm
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A fun and interactive program that connects youth to their greatness!

BE YOUR GREATNESS is a fun and dynamic leadership program that transforms adolescents and teens by shifting their mindset. Participants engage in high energy games, interactive learning activities, authentic sharing, and mindfulness meditation. This helps them embrace their greatness and empowers them to live with confidence, determination
and optimism.

Be Your Greatness was developed by Wayne Meyers, a former NY State High School English teacher and Assistant Principal. W ith a background in mindfulness, emotional learning and self-discover y disciplinary focuses, Wayne created the “Be Your Greatness” program and began implementing it in the elementary schools back in 2009. Several attendees from this program still use his principles and practices in their cur rent career and personal growth objectives, even today.

Icebreakers – Team Building – Games – Meditation & Focus Techniques – Activities – Experiential Exercises

Think B.Y.G.
Enhance Relationships
Empower Yourself
Become A Leader
Enhance Decision Making
Live In Self-Responsibility
Overcome Hurdles
Rebound From Setbacks

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