Children are not “empty vessels,” but full expressions of Spirit waiting to be revealed. At Center for Spiritual Living we teach our youth to believe in themselves and trust their own intuition and wisdom. We provide them with a safe and nurturing environment to explore their spirituality and to gain a foundation of values using Science of Mind principles. We encourage our youth to develop a personal relationship with Spirit through the practices of:

  •Arts, Crafts and Music
  •Service and Community


Science of Mind principles form the basis of our youth curriculum. We teach children that Spirit manifests in and through all of creation. They learn how they can interact with Spirit as a co-creative partner. Our youth program present great ways to grow and nurture the innate curiosity and keenness that exists in our youth.
Key principles taught at CSL are:

  • Core Values
  • Life Skills and Strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Making Good Choices
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem


Nursery (Newborn to 3 years)
We provide childcare service for infants and toddlers. We believe seeds of spirituality can be planted even in the early years. Our volunteers provide a loving
environment for babies and toddlers that supports their natural creativity.

Youth (4 to 12 years)
Our youth classes are all about learning in a fun and loving environment. We teach children to form an inner connection with Spirit. We work with them to develop character traits such as compassion toward others, creativity, respect and integrity.

Teen Program
Our teen program focuses on teaching them to understand their unique ability to create their own experience. As their bodies go through changes, so do their minds. We encourage and teach rites of passage into adulthood so they can make the transition from child to adult smoother. We also incorporate the use of technology and apps for smart phones to help them develop a daily spiritual practice.

Youth and Family Services – August Curriculum

August 5 – The New Story Of Creation
Spirit in action, the unmanifest manifesting in form, pressing each being to fulfill its potential in their own lives. Today we’ll learn how a thought can be manifest into form.

August 12 – Conscious Evolution
We are all connected. Today let’s learn how we can help fill our planet with love, innovation and creativity.

August 19 – Responsibilities of a Co-Creator
Our intuition is based on our deepest intentions to cocreate a positive future. We are affecting our own potential when we imagine a positive future. Today let’s imagine the world 500 years in the future, what do you see when you imagine our highest potentials in different fields: sports, science, technology, television & animation, medicine and travel.

August 26 – Global Transformation
Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
Today let’s learn how people can work together and share ideas to create positive outcomes.


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It’s all about having fun while learning to meditate!
The challenges facing our youth today are extraordinary! It’s easy to be overwhelmed trying to balance studies, competitive sports, and extracurricular activity. Couple these with peer pressure, threat of violence in schools, excessive stimulation from technology, social media, bullying and trying to manage heightened emotions. It’s no wonder so many teenagers are experiencing anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness and meditation practice can help. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to share meditation with their children and teachers to incorporate mindfulness training in their lesson plans.

  • Improved focus and memory retention
  • Increased connectedness with self and others
  • Increase impulse control and decision-making
  • Less stress and depression
  • Less ADHD
  • Increased feelings of compassion


  • 10 AM Welcome and begin
  • The art and science of sound - Singing bowls and gong
  • Meditation I with singing bowls
  • Lunch break
  • Intro to Meditation apps (bring your phone)
  • Meditation Session II
  • 1PM Parents pick up