Youth and Family Services – December Curriculum

December 2 – Self-Knowledge
Follow Your Heart. Today we’ll learn about trusting & listening to our hearts when it comes to learning, growing and doing what is right. We can embrace challenges that come into our lives because our hearts and minds will guide us. We have the wisdom and knowledge to do and be the best we can be. That knowledge lives right inside of us, we just need to trust it.

December 9 – Pain & Sorrow
We choose to be happy. This weeks lesson will be focused on the fact that sometimes things happen in life that bring us sadness, pain or sorrow. Maybe we are mistreated by our friends, feel left out or we are just having a bad day. In these moments, we have the ability to choose to turn a bad situation into a happy one. This can make us and those around us happy as well.

December 16-Good & Evil
There is good in everything. We are good. Even people who are mean to us or treat others badly have good in them. To create good in the world, remember to be kind to others.

December 23 – The Power of Love
There is power in love. This week, our children will be reminded that God is love. As a result, when you Love yourself and one another, you will be fulfilled and happy.

December 30 – I Release and I Let Go
In today’s lesson, we all will explore how freeing it is to release and let go of the old or the past and start fresh new with creative ideas, thoughts and expressions.