Youth and Family Services: May Curriculum

May 5th – You Live In An Expanding Universe
Life is the gift that is always giving, and the universe is expanding in, through and around you. This week, the children will learn that we do not have to worry about things or be afraid because the universe is big enough to support all of us. When we trust and believe in a positive outcome, the universe provides all that we need to do our best and live a happy life.

May 12th – Be Accountable-MOTHER’S DAY
Be aware and accountable for the things you do and the thoughts or ideas that you feed your mind. Take your beliefs and the things you have been taught by your parents, teachers, church leaders and others who love you with you and take accountability for the things you are supposed to do. Being accountable and aware of what you have been taught will create positive outcomes in your life.

May 19th – Be Passionate
You have passion that lives right inside of you. This week, the children will learn that there is an energy that lives insides of them called passion that can make a large difference in their lives and in this world. While it’s important to still invest time into doing well in school, listening to their parents and treating other with love and respect, their passion that lives inside of them is enough to make all their dreams come true.

May 26th-Be Of Service
Today we will explore the power of “we” thinking versus “me” thinking. The youth will learn that God calls us to treat others as we would like to be treated. This means treating others with kindness and respect. They will explore the negative outcomes of being selfish and learn that when we treat others with respect & love or help and support others, we are being of service to them. Being of service to one another connects us all in the universe.