Youth and Family Services: April Curriculum

April 7th  – Rest in Openness
We are all powerful beings. We can harness the power we possess by accepting and embracing who we are. This power can reveal itself in the form of talents, strengths and our abilities. Accepting what is and being open to who we are and the talents we possess will give us the power to create and live a happy life.

April 14th  – Act With Kindness
Kindness is a sign of growth and maturity. When we are kind to others, we are kind to ourselves. When we are kind to others, its makes all the difference in the world.

April 21st – Bless Everyone – EASTER SUNDAY
Happy Easter! Today, the children will explore the idea that love is an endless gift. We should always do our best in what we do and love everyone, even those who hurt us or are different then we are. When we do our best and show love and appreciation for others and their talents, the more love we give to ourselves.

April 28th – Disconnect the Dots
Sometimes, we limit ourselves based on labels or others ideas from others about who or what we should be. It is important to take a step back and take a closer look at ourselves. This will help us
to understand more fully who we really are and the value we possess.