Youth and Family Services: March Curriculum

March 3rd – A Bigger Universe, A Greater God
The universe is a large but friendly place. God is the source of all good in the universe. No matter how big the universe is, we can always find our path to God through wisdom and love.

March 10th – Self-Discovery-Wake Up and Live
Life is happening through and around you. We are conscious beings! This week, the children will learn that even though we sometimes experience fear or challenges, we can overcome these obstacles when we embrace who we are, the ability inside of us and the talents we do possess. By never giving up and embracing our talents and skills, we let go of fear and can enjoy a full, happy and successful life.

March 17th – Self-Acceptance-Take Me As I Am
You are amazing! Love yourself and embrace the talents you have. Even when you are challenged, remember you are always good enough. We all are original and different and we have unique talents. Embrace the things you can or cannot do. Even if you cannot achieve something, its ok. You do not need to change to be loved. Through challenges, we learn more about ourselves. Always remember you are great, just the way you are.

March 24th – Your Mind & How To Use It
Your mind and your thoughts are a powerful force. If you take control of your thoughts & stand strong in believing that you can be who or what you want to be, you will be able to be a conscious creator for your own your life and manifest good around you.

March 31st – Take Command of Your Life
You have a purpose. You own your own destiny and create your own experiences. Take responsibility for the things you do and you will see your power and influence in the world grow.