Youth and Family Services: June Curriculum 2019

June 2nd – God Is Your Adventure
I am an adventurer and life is an adventure. In this week’s lesson, the kids will explore the fact that God is the source of life and through that life, we can feel excited about the ability to fully express ourselves & allow our thoughts to grow while igniting a sense of fun and adventure into our lives.

June 9th – Ideas Control Your Destiny
Every invention starts with an idea. New ideas change our lives. Many of the great inventors like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison created noteworthy inventions that are used consistently in day to day life. Today, we will focus on giving the kids the space to embrace new ideas and recognize that these ideas have the potential to be life-changing and impact the world.

June 16th – God Wants You to Be Yourself-Happy Father’s Day
You are a divine being! You are perfect just the way you are. No matter what situations arise, remember to always be yourself and have confidence in who you are and the abilities and talents that make you unique

June 23rd – What Do You See In the Mirror?
Like animals, other human beings can sense your feelings and emotions. Life is like a mirror in that it reflects back to you what you think, believe, and act on in your life. In order to live a happy and fulfilling life, you have to first find love, joy and peace within yourself. Once you do, you will see that life will return that back to you in the people that you meet and the things that you do.

June 30th – You Get What You Give
Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you. What you give out to other people is what will come back to you. Give others love, respect, joy and kindness and that will return back to you.