Youth and Family Services: July Curriculum 2019

July 7th – The Longing
What does your heart long for? What are your desires? In this week’s lesson, the kids will explore the idea that we all long to be or achieve something. It’s not impossible. With determination and commitment, we will always do our best and therefore attend to the desires in our hearts. We should never settle for less that what we and our hearts desire and deserve.

July 14th – The Fear and Sorrow
Don’t be afraid of looking silly or failing at what you set out to do. Take chances. When you do experience fear or sorrow, its ok to express it as that can help you heal it or feel better. Once you have expressed it, you should always keep trying until you achieve your goal and know that through sadness, happiness is possible.

July 21st – The Joy and Beauty
Joy is beautiful. And Contagious! Be happy and share that happiness with others. There is a beauty inside each of us that others would love to see. Share your joy and beauty with others. Do not Limit yourself.

July 28th-The Fire
There is a fire inside each of us that drives us to do the best, be the best, win and change the world! What is your fire? What thrills you or makes you happy? Find it and let that fire burn so you can be whoever you want to be! New ideas and thoughts are certain to come from letting your fire burn!