Youth and Family Services: January Curriculum

January 6 – It’s Up To You
You can create the life you want to live. This week, the children will learn that they have the power to make responsible choices which in turn will support them in creating their own reality. It’s Up to You to create peace, harmony and happiness that can ultimately change the world.

January 13 – As You Believe
There is power in imagination. In today’s lesson, we will explore the idea that our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and senses have power and can help shape the life we want to live. Using our imagination is a powerful tool to help us create and manifest great things for our lives.

January 20 – Successful Living
You are the Key to a successful life! Today, the children will focus on the idea that they can define their own success. Whether that means getting a good grade in school or excelling in a particular sport, we have the power to create success just by maintaining a balanced and peaceful life.

January 27 – Ten Steps in Personal Achievement
When you think positively, good things can happen. In this lesson, we will focus on achieving great things and accomplishments by having a positive attitude, looking at things differently and removing worry and negativity from our lives. They will also learn the importance of getting along with, supporting and loving others are all part of our personal growth and ultimately our achievements.