The World Needs Me As I Am

The world needs me as I am—not as I once thought it raised me to be, but as I was created to be.
In the past, whenever I tried to assert myself, the world would challenge me with the question, “Who do you think you are?”
And I would pull back in deference to those who seemed to know more about me than I did about myself.
Whenever I told myself, “I’ll show them,” I proved them right because I didn’t know who I was.
But now I have learned that I am created by God out of Itself and endowed with all of Its spiritual qualities to co-create my own world.
I do not have to prove myself to anyone, even to myself. I do not have to earn the right to live; I only have to exercise that Divine right.
My only responsibility is to be me.
I joyfully accept the responsibility to develop and exercise the talents that I have been given and use them for good.
I respectfully accept the Divine guidance that comes from within because I know that therein lies my fulfillment as the Divine being that I am.
So be it.
And so it is.

AFFIRM: I Accept My Divine Responsibility to Use My Talents for Good.