I am Surrounded by Spirit’s Perfection

Spirit is the infinite source for healing. Infinite Spirit is always in me, as me, working through me - allowing me to release all false ideas about imperfection and to see only the perfection that surrounds me.

I see the healing power and perfection of Spirit present in all creation. As I awaken to a broader vision of my surroundings, I realize that nothing is ever out of place or broken, and therefore all worry vanishes. Whatever imperfection I believed before was my creation and it is up to me to create a new vision...a new perspective...a healing moment.

I accept that life is a precious living presence in every moment. With love, these moments are gratefully released into the action of Law and become part of Spirit's surroundings. And so it is!

Affirm: Every moment I awaken to the perfection of Spirit in all my surroundings.