Revealing the Cracks

So, you have this beautiful home. It is perfectly designed with a manicured lawn and plenty of room for house parties and holiday get togethers. One day, you notice a crack on the side of the house. Nothing to worry about, right?

Cut to 3 months later and the one crack is actually coming from the foundation of your beautifully manicured, perfectly designed home.

The crack in the foundation was always there and you built a home over it.

Some days it feels from the outside looking in like everything is swell. When the great guy shows up, the money is flowing in and the world just looks good. And then the guy goes away, your big work contract ends and you watch CNN for an hour too long reminding you of the perils of our world.

You are the foundation, never tending to the crack, but it is there and life sometimes reminds me to stop building homes over sand.

I was reminded this week about some of my shortcomings. I’m a kind woman. I love life. I take charge. I care deeply for others. You don’t have to ask me twice to have a good time. #oowwwwww But I get bored easily. I tend to miss the good in search of worry. I can be wildly hard on myself. When outside circumstances are good (the guy, the money, travel), I don’t need to mind the crack. When outside circumstances suck, I am the crack.

My point, you ask? Be honest with yourself about your areas that don’t work. Do the good things stop working because life just happens? Perhaps. I also think outside circumstances matter less when we can plant seeds that tend to our foundation. Do you meditate? Do you pray? Are you honest with yourself without being too hard on yourself? Do you dance for no reason or workout to get the blood flowing?

Today I won’t do it 100%, but I can tend to the foundation that is me, be honest about areas that do not work and build homes on a solid foundation, regardless of what life throws my way.

By Ebonni Bryant