I Let Spirit Call Me Forth

I bless the night and make it holy—especially the dark night of the soul, for it offers me a choice.
I can lie in the dark like Lazarus in the cave, imprisoned by my regrets, resentments, doubts and fears, while my talents, hopes, aspirations and self-confidence wither and die.
Or, I can remember that just as the grass and corn grow during the night, so do the seeds that God planted within me germinate and sprout unseen, getting ready for the light of day that is sure to follow.
I choose let Spirit call me forth as Jesus did Lazarus to become the person I was created to be.
I do so now, in joyful anticipation, knowing that whatever I need to know to live a purposeful life now is revealed to me in Divine right order.
So be it. And so it is.

AFFIRM: Spirit Reveals to Me What I Need to Know to Live a Purposeful Life.