I Live to Give

The Infinite Spirit created me out of Itself and endowed me with Its very qualities for Its own enjoyment . . . to see what I would do with them.
God gave me Life to express more and more of Itself.
What else can I do but give expression to that which I have been given? Either I do or I don’t. It’s up to me to choose.
I choose to enjoy my life . . . not in isolation, not holding back from the world, but by sharing freely whatever I have, knowing that my world is what I choose to make it.
I choose to see my world as an artist’s canvas, waiting for me to see the yet to be expressed, to see the opportunities, the work to be done, the needs to be filled, and to draw on the infinite potentiality of the Creative Spirit within me to do what I know I can do.
I choose to share what I have with others who can use what I can give . . . not in terms of helping them in their helplessness, but in recognition of their inner divinity, to help them awaken to their spiritual magnificence, so that they too can use their gifts for our greater good.
I know that as I do this I am divinely guided and empowered every step of the way.
And so it is.

AFFIRM: I Choose to Share What I Have with Others Who Can Use What I Have to Give