Dancing To The Beat of Our Own Music

I think it’s important, personally and as a community, that we do a little Spiritual sleuthing to discover what we value most.

Each Sunday at CSL we dissect one of the Seven Core Values that dramatically define us.

Here are the values that made the cut and landed in our Spiritual Top Seven:

I think it’s time to take “Service” out of the mothballs, shine it up and give it some new life and a new look.

Service is often seen, almost solely, through the lens of what we do for others. It occurs to me, from my own life experience, that the greatest, most radically effective service we provide to people, is to be who we really are.

When we are first in service to ourselves, when we are fully authentic, when we refuse to edit who and what we are, we show up powerfully in our own lives and then we are able to be of real service in the lives of others and in the world.

But often we dance through life wearing a tu-tu. Believing that we’re “too” sensitive, “too” quiet, “too” loud, “too” fat, “too” thin, “too” old, “too” young, “too” outspoken, “too” liberal, “too” conservative, “too” brash, “too” bawdy, “too” gay or “too” straight.

When the spotlight shines on us and we’ve got our tu-tus firmly in place, we rarely dance to our own music. Instead, we’re performing to the tune of family members, friends, co-workers and others by being who they want us to be.

We’re too, too afraid to embrace our unique essence.

It’s time to take off our tu-tus!

Let’s be the boldest, baddest, most uncensored version of the Divinity we are here to express.

Let’s serve that up to the world and watch what happens.

Jeanne Looper Smith