Accredited Science of Mind Classes

Science of Mind classes are an integral part of your spiritual growth. They will bring to your life a deeper understanding of who you are and your place in the world. By investing in yourself through classes, you will experience a richer and healthier life. Become a student of life and a partner with Spirit. Learn how to use your power to create the kind of life you dream of having.

     Science of Mind Accredited Classes will resume in September.


WILD BEAUTIFUL LIFE WORKSHOPS Present "Radical Forgiveness"

Calling wildly curious men and women for a radical ride into a paradigm changing view of forgiveness. Fasten your seat belts as Jeanne Smith and Kate Guimbellot are our tour guides for a trip that promises to be life altering and turns traditional forgiveness on its ear. Your destination is a life free and unburdened from the "stories" that have shadowed you and a journey that promises to set you on the path to living your fullest expression of life.

Facilitators: Jeanne Smith and Kate Guimbellot

Workshop Date: Saturday, July 15, 9:30 until 12:30

Tuition - $20

Prospering in the 21st Century - A Workshop for TPL Members by Dr. Chris Michaels

The idea that money is the root of all evil was a lie perpetuated by the old church and ruling class to keep the poor complacent and self righteous.  It helped them rationalize their low station in life with the belief that their suffering is part of God’s plan to earn their way to riches, later in heaven.   

How could poverty be part of an Infinite Giver’s plan?  What good could possibly be served by anyone struggling to survive?  Why would a Perfect Intelligence create more people than it could love and prosper?

Learn the TRUTH about prosperity and how to create a richer, fuller life for yourself.  Join Dr. Chris Michaels for this exciting new workshop created just for TPL members.

Facilitator:Dr. Chris Michaels

Workshop Date: Tuesday, July 18th 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Tuition - Free to TPL Members