A New Way of Living

Before heading to class on the very first day
I stopped for a moment to kneel down and pray.

Turning my head to the heavens above,
I asked, “Please God, show me a new way to love.”

Then, in class I learned there really is no sin
And to talk with God, I only need look within.

Next came my mind, which I had to alter
And change my thoughts, lest I should falter.

No more should I think of what’s wrong all the time
Positive thoughts now must be mine.

And as I learned to do affirmations
The end results were a good demonstration
Of how life would be if I followed this path
No longer would I worry about incurring God’s wrath.

I focused my mind on how my life should be
And a big happy smile soon came over me.

I was giving control to a power once unknown
The treatments they worked, as I was quickly shown.

And sitting in silence early each day
I soon knew that everyone could be this way.

For God’s Love and Power are here for us all
We don’t need to beg, plead or call
We just have to believe and it will be so.

I awake now each morning feeling so fine
For prosperity and abundance, I know to be mine.

My life is now full, of love, hope and gratitude
And with every day, I’m improving my attitude.

Now the classes are over, but the learning never ends
As God’s light shines in me I have a new friend – and a new life
No more do I need to deal with the strife

Of things that once were, or chances I missed
For my soul is blessed, and we’ve all been kissed

With the love and the power and the knowledge of God
So now I give thanks and say, “So it is.”

by Gary Bellitt